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Workshop on Agricultural Trade and Food Security in the Euro-Med Area


FP 7: SUSTAINMED Sustainable agri-food systems and rural development in the Mediterranean Partner Countries


FEMISE Project 2 Analyzing the Immigration-Induced Changes in Product Diversity and Trade Patterns: The Case of the EU-Mediterranean-Eastern Europe Zone


FEMISE Project 3 Macroeconomic Allocations and International Factor Mobility: A Comparative Assessment of Major Trade Areas


FEMISE Project 4 Tourism Industry as an Engine for Export-led Growth and Social Development: Analysing Its Main Characteristics and Future Prospects for Mediterranean Countries



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Femise 1

Application FORM for Femise 2010 Internal Competition
Global Fees Contracts

One electronic copy of each application must be supplied along with one scanned or faxed version of the first 2 pages with stamps and signatures

The original of this form with the stamps of the members will be requested in case of acceptance of proposal

1. Title of the research proposal

Convergence beyond the economic sphere: Effects and feedbacks of Euro-Med integration.